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These links will be added to and updated as fast as I come across sites I like.


Photography related: - Unbelievable photography! - International Center of Photography - Fine Art Nude Photography Network; links to sites


Non-photography (they're here just because I like 'em): - A must every Wednesday - Personal stories and essays from different people - Sex stuff disguised as intellectual.  Some interesting photography here too - sometimes. - O Internet King!  Send me books!  Lots and lots of books!  CD's too!  Hell - they got every freakin' thing now! - Best free e-mail!  Hey - PC Magazine says so! - Where I keep up with the fortunes of the Sox - Health stuff, in non-medical jargon


Slacking Off At Work Sites (I'm all for that!): - Try their tests - Speaks for itself - For junkies of hilarious commercials (check out 'Clinton's Last Days')


DISCLAIMER:   None of the above organizations/websites are in any way associated with this website and cannot be held liable for the content on these pages.

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