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I think taking time to watch a spectacular sunset should be mandatory for all humans.  I'm not a religious person, but I think God has a right to be really pissed off if he puts impossible colors and clouds in the sky in the evening, and we don't notice or acknowledge it. 

Coming from a Caribbean island, I've been very fortunate - we get a lot of unbelievable sunsets here.  Here are a few.


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S_Barbados sunset 1.jpg (64813 bytes)                                                   S_Trinidad sunset 1.jpg (47337 bytes)



S_Tobago sunset 2.jpg (68098 bytes)                                                  S_Barbados sunset 3.jpg (98841 bytes) 



S_Tobago sunset 1.jpg (107908 bytes)                                                  S_Barbados sunset 2.jpg (67681 bytes)



Sunset over MIT.jpg (125859 bytes)


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