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These were taken during a 3-day period that I stayed in Yosemite National Park in Northern California.  I had gone to San Francisco for a week, and planned to spend a day in Yosemite - but a day wasn't enough. 

I saw a rainbow made by the spray of a waterfall and the light of the full moon.  I saw a sunset reflected off the sheer granite face of Half Dome.  I saw a bear as it foraged for food.

And I got pulled over by a Park Ranger for breaking a stop sign rushing to get a shot.  But I think it was worth it - I hope you do too.


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Y_Bridalveil Falls 1.jpg (51507 bytes)                                        Y_Yosemite 1.jpg (95249 bytes)                                                 Y_Yosemite Falls 1.jpg (47859 bytes)



                                                Y_Bridalveil Falls 2.jpg (71555 bytes)                                        Y_Yosemite 2.jpg (82184 bytes)



                                                Y_Bridalveil Falls 3.jpg (70428 bytes)                                        Y_El Capitan 1.jpg (47161 bytes)        



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