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Random Thoughts

How should one introduce a website these days?  "Welcome to my website" seems so ordinary.   

Since this site is designed to be a reflection of my "digital self", maybe I should start with the usual way I greet friends:





To those who may not understand what that means, it's a Trinidadian salutation, a greeting, a "Glad to see you!"

A "welcome to my website", if you will!


This site is here primarily for me to showcase my hobby - photography.   My pictures let you see the world - through my eyes.  You'll see a lot of photographs that I've taken here - feel free to browse, form opinions, and tell me what you think.

And, since this site is about the world through my eyes, this site contains more information about me, random personal thoughts on stuff.....and the obligatory links to sites I like.

Enjoy!  Be entertained!  Come back again!