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My name's Gary Ottley - hence the name 'OttoPhoto' (get it?).  I come from Trinidad and Tobago, in the West Indies.  


I was born on March 24th, 1970 (Whoa!  Look at the size of that head!).  


That makes me an Aries, and they say Arians are passionate people (among other things).  I don't dig up in horoscopes, but people who know me would say that I'm passionate about a bunch of things. 


I've spent most of my thirty-odd years in the Caribbean, and spent three years in the great city of Boston.  I got my Bachelor's degree (in Economics and Management, no less - even though I slept through ALL of my Econ classes and a spent a good portion of all other classes in one form of daydream or another) from the University of the West Indies in Cave Hill, Barbados.


Incidentally, Barbados was a great place to go to school.  I spent many an afternoon on the beach which was 10 minutes walk from campus.  And alcohol was cheap and plentiful.  The classes, however - that's something else (see preceding paragraph).



I was fortunate enough to go to the U.S. to do an MBA - as you can see from the picture on the left, Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts proved to be a good temporary home for this wayward soul.  I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 years there. 


After working in Massachusetts for a while, I returned to Trinidad  in late 1998 and have been here ever since.  Now I work in the consulting practice in the Caribbean branch of one of the Big Six companies (or is it Big Five now?  I can't remember). 


Sometimes I wonder how I ended up in the type of company I thought I'd never work in - it isn't bad, and it pays the bills.  For now.



I could do with less reports to write though.



If you've stumbled across my little corner of the on-line world, you're either:

A friend of mine who's here because I asked you to check it out
A fan of black & white photography
Killing time at work (which I wholeheartedly support)

Hopefully you'll enjoy checking out my photographs.  While you're here, take a look at my random musings; you might find something amusing, or something to disagree with.  Either is cool - let me know if anything pleases you or raises your ire enough for you to e-mail me!

Interested in more?  Click here for pictures of my family.  

And check out these facts about me!  I call them INSIGNIFICA, since they really are just arbitrary points about me and my life, and don't have anything to do with my photography.

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